Muscle Car And Corvette Nationals – Car Themed Giveaway Guitar Winner – Congratulation to Scott B – of Athestane, Wisconsin.

Scott was very shocked to find out that he won. He thought his buddies were playing a joke on him, when they told him that his name was called. Scott’s winning entry did not have a phone number or E-mail Address.  As the promoters and I were talking about how to get the guitar to Scott, he came up and asked us if there was someone who could tell him if his name was called for being the winner of something.

We asked him his name. He told us and we said, “Well, that takes care of that!” Scott exclaimed that this was the first time he’d won anything in his life! He joked that he’d never even won free fries playing Monopoly at McDonalds.

I had a blast meeting Scott and awarding him his 2017 Muscle Car and Corvette Nationals Class Of 67 Giveaway Guitar.